Residential Building Design is a boutique architectural design practice specialising in medium density residential projects in metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. 

With over 50 years combined experience, the RBD team are experts in design and development of medium density housing. We bring your unique vision to life by offering advice, consulting, design, and development recommendations that will harness the full potential of your site to maximise the return on your investment.

Our Work

Dual Occupancy

Add a second dwelling to a property. The new dwelling is usually in the rear with most projects including some modification / improvement to the retained dwelling.

Our Work

Multi Unit/Apartments

Medium density housing involves two or more new dwellings on a property. Most often these are two storey townhouse but can be single or subject to context even triple storey.

Our Work

New Dwelling

Custom designed single detached dwelling in the style of your choosing.

We believe great design is about creating innovative solutions that capture the unique vision of our clients and solve unique challenges and constraints to maximise the potential of every project. 

Looking to maximise the value of your residential development project? We’d love to hear about your site and your vision and discuss how we can add value to maximise the potential of your project. 

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277 Plenty Road, Preston, Victoria 3072