Residential Building Design is a boutique, architectural design practice providing specialised advice, consulting, and design recommendations for medium density residential development projects across metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria.

With more than 50 years combined experience, the RBD team are ready to provide you with their expert advice and assistance to help guide the direction of your project and assist you with planning and construction documentation to ensure a successful development project. The RBD team pride themselves on delivering quality projects that capture your vision and meet the highest design and construction specifications to maximise sustainability, feasibility, affordability, efficiency and liveability.

RBD is a partner of choice for real estate agents and building developers looking to maximise their return on investment and create projects that are going to live with their communities and occupants, now and into the future.

We believe great design is about creating innovative solutions that capture the unique vision of our clients and solve the challenges and constraints specific to each project to maximise potential and deliver great value.

Our Values


We look for new ways to understand and solve problems, and keep our finger on the pulse with industry leading research and development to maximise potential and deliver the best value to our clients.


We bring over 50 years of collective industry experience to the table, giving our clients confidence that the projects we deliver are innovative, comply with regulations and achieve their goals and outcomes.


We pride ourselves on being a trusted and respected small business and operate with honesty and transparency in an open, collaborative and consultative manner with all clients and stakeholders.


We work alongside our clients to deliver quality projects that meet the highest design and construction specifications to maximise sustainability, feasibility and affordability, to ensure our work will live with them now and into the future.

Looking to maximise the value of your residential development project? We’d love to hear about your site and your vision and discuss how we can add value to maximise the potential of your project. 

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277 Plenty Road, Preston, Victoria 3072